Aotea Rongoā is proud to be located on the pristine and beautiful Great Barrier Island, in the South Pacific Ocean, 70km offshore from Auckland, New Zealand. Aotea is the Māori name for Great Barrier Island and Rongoā is traditional Māori medicine.

It is our mission to produce high quality totally natural health products in a sustainable way.

Manuka and Kawakawa are native New Zealand trees and grow wild on our island in their natural environment. We carefully select and trim only the lushest shoots and leaves for the use in our products. The land where the trees we use grow has never been exposed to pesticides or herbicides. We strive to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in everything that we do. What is good for nature is good for us all.

Great Barrier Island, known by Māori as Aotea, is 285 km2 in size and is sparsely populated with less than 900 residents. Most of the island is covered in native bush. The “Barrier” is one of three places and the only island in the world to be officially recognized as a “Dark Sky Sanctuary” this is due to the islands’ isolated location and being totally off the grid, with locals relying on wind and solar for power generation. Water is either sourced from natural springs or, as in our case, collected from pure unpolluted rainwater.

New Zealand Māori and early European settlers have used the vast variety of New Zealands’ native plants and trees for traditional Rongoā (medicine). Manuka and Kawakawa are two of the most widely used. We use a small custom-designed, low temperature, steam distillation unit to gently extract the pure healing power of nature for use in our product range.